How to Bypass

By Gavin | August 21, 2018

I'm going to show you how to bypass, are you still listening limit that Pandora and X? Start from nothing, go to, now pick a station, any station, I already have an account.

I have a bunch of different stations on here, I'm not ashamed to say I listen to a lot of different music, I go from all the way, from the Beatles to 80s music, 90 Shania, Twain mmm, little Wayne Hootie, and the blowfish Dido tenacious d love songs. indie love songs, old school rap, Joe Cocker, Jimmy Buffett. I like a lot.

If it sounds good to listen to it, don't let other people say I don't like that and then feel like you can't listen to it, because they don't like it. I see a lot of that going on especially with a popular one, nowadays is Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, whatever I'm not sure how to pronounce his last name. I'm told I pronounce it wrong a lot if he sounds good to you listen to him, or if she sounds good to you listen to her.

There's nothing wrong with listening to music that you want to listen to. Once you have your station up, and you're signed in, what you're going to do is hit play on the station that you want. Let's say you want John Mayer, you go to history, clear recent history, clear now, and it's going to pause it, hit play and every three to four songs you're still going to get an ad, but you're not going to get that pop-up. Are you still listening? It won't stop playing, it's going to keep playing even though every once in a while, there's going to be an ad. It's basically now like a radio, you turn it on and you don't have to touch it, instead of turn it on in every couple of minute or every hour or two, go back and you have to, now you don't have to do that, it's just it's like a regular radio that you have in your home.

You turn it on and it just keeps playing, and a lot fewer ads, so that's how you do that. Again login, create an account, select the station you want to listen to, if you're listening to one station and you switch to another station, I would do it again, just to be safe, clear recent history, clear now, it pauses it, hit play, and now you'll be able to listen to it like a regular radio.