How To Setup Pandora Internet Radio

By Gavin | August 21, 2018

Did you know that you could listen to the radio on the Internet well for all the music fans? Here's something you will love. It's a little tool called Pandora internet radio, it's all free.

And creates a radio type stations based on your bookmark artists songs, and overall preferences along with suggesting new ones.


The first step where you need to go to your web browser, open it up, you need to type in, go ahead and enter that. For the sake of this tutorial here, I've actually created a new account where I typed in basic credentials, my e-mail, password, birth, here in zip code, gender as well, and once you get that locked in you're ready to go and get started.

Extract songs are similar to what typed

Then brings you to this page here where you can type in any song or artist, and for the sake of this tutorial here we're going to type in Justin Bieber, since I know a lot of Bieber fans are out there, and once you do that what it does is that extracts songs that are similar to the genre or that's the kind of music type I guess, and then you have the option though if you don't like that song or if you do like that song. You can like it, give it a thumbs up, it's for the sake of this.

Continue playing and listening to your music, and there you go started your Pandora internet radio session, continue to create new stations by just clicking that tab there, and you can type in artists such as Drake. I don't know if you are into hip hop or not, and there you go, and now you have a new station. You have two stations located on your Pandora internet radio station, there you go.

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